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Blogging... Here we go (again!)

Alright, let's do this!

Starting a blog again.

This is my...third time? Maybe fourth?

I lost count (lol).

It's ok! You can start and restart a blog whenever and wherever at whatever age you're at. Cause, why not right?

The main reason I because I am a perfectionist. Each post had to be absolutely perfect before posting. And I think this prevented me from doing it more often, aka "consistency". I couldn't keep it up consistently for wanting to have it all perfect, thus I lost my momentum.

The reason I wanted to try this again is, yes I've learnt to let go of being a perfectionist, because I've been wanting to log, aka journal, my days as a professional makeup & hair artist, my career of more than 2 decades. Not only sharing wonderfully funny, weird and interesting stories that I've experienced being in this profession, but also to have a platform where I can share all the products and tools that I've come to love through this profession. I'd share them naturally whenever clients ask me about the products and tools I use on them; and they've always wanted a place where they can see and have access to get more information.

So this is my renewed start to this blog journey, with a whole new different mindset. My ultimate goal is to keep it short and sweet, which is another pointer in keeping it consistent.



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