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Can't wait to nourish my face with these pads!

This is the No.1 pad that has won 9 awards!

I couldn't resist!

I kept seeing it all over social media...

And, obviously, the algorithm played this little trick on me where it kept showing me videos related to this product... sigh!



So, why this, you ask?

What's so great about this product, right?

This is what they say on their product site:

"This product quickly and effectively improves pore condition and brightens skin tone to make it clearer and brighter. Contains highly concentrated Hippophae Rhamnoides Water and 7 essential vitamins plus 3% Niacinamide."

Here are some numbers for you! The strict customer reviews said 100% improvement in roughness, 100% evened out skin tone, 100% skin clarity, and 100% overall satisfaction without any irritation.

Visible blemishes were improved by 15.51% and hidden blemishes were improved by 16.91%, resulting in a double blemish improvement effect.

Red skin tone improved by 58.92%, dull skin tone improved by 10.10%, yellow skin tone improved by 15.62%

Completed the sensitive skin irritation test, so it is safe for use.

It’s with vegan-certified cotton pads This product comes with 100 sheets (with the refill!!) and a built-in tweezer for hygienic use.

Sounds great, right! SOLD!

I mean, what's not to like here.

Can't wait to try it out! Stay tuned for my review in a couple of weeks.

HOW TO USE: You can either apply the pads directly on the face and leave it on like a face mask, OR use it to gently wipe your face. Remember to cleanse your face before use.

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