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NEW Lise Watier Products I've recently purchased!

If you have an EXTREMELY oily skin like mine, you need a powder foundation. There are liquid matte foundations, sure! But they tend to go on thicker then I am comfortable with compared to the powder coverage. On myself, I prefer a lighter coverage overall on the face. I feel like I have a better control on where and how much I want the coverage to be on my face.

I have been using one from another brand, but the colour is a little bit off... leaning more towards pinker beige than I want. I keep using it because it's the only powder foundation I have on hand!

LOVE the design on this powder! These geometric lines and shapes are very cool, I have to say.

Finger test : very solid and dense!

Does not "flake off" and crumble which is so nice because it doesn't make you feel like you need to protect your clothes, tabletop, countertop, wherever you are and not feel like you're wasting any!

Looking forward to using it!

Stay tunes :)

I always have my GO-TO setting sprays and always hesitant to give another brand a try. But couldn't resist this one.

I thought of getting the MATTE version of the spray, but since it's not really for myself but more for my clients, I opted for this one.

I will still use it and review the product!

I mean look at this bottle!

It's so prettyyyyyyy :)

I have more stuff, like mascaras to try out as well.

There will be few more things from this brand and from its sister brand, Marcelle, that I am so looking forward to try and review.





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