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How important is... Self Love?

Plain and simple...YES!

It is extremely important, and I get it, it's hard at times to give yourself the love your body, your mind and your soul needs. But, if YOU don't give it some love, then who will?

Your body is, say, your vehicle.

You're driving through this wild adventure called LIFE.

You are the driver. THE driver.

You are in control of this vehicle.

To take control and to guide this vehicle to wherever it needs to go, however it needs to drive and whatever it needs to do... the very single FIRST step in doing so is to ...


When facing an obstacle, a bumpy road, swerving abruptly because you've come face to face with danger... regardless of the situation, simply take a moment to BREATHE. That's the first step to self-love. It's to take a moment to be aware of yourself and give it that first burst of love called "breath" to your vehicle. It's surprising how that can shift your gear instantaneously and kick start the next step which is to take the right action, your next move.

Give yourself that much needed dose of oxygen for your mind, your body and your soul that it deserves.

You are in control.





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