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One of my favourite BB Cream, proudly made in Canada!

This one has a beautiful healthy golden glow without making it look thick and cakey. Very hydrating so your skin and doesn't feel dry. Lightweight and such a simple product that can be put on with your fingers and out the door you go!

Proudly made in Canada, have I mentioned that yet? lol

I think it's made here in Montreal, even!

Let me go check, BRB...

YUP! I was right!

All of their products are manufactured here in Montreal! Amazing!

I really love this one. Especially on my super shiny oily asian skin as it goes on light and adds just enough coverage. It's "all-in-one" so it's a couple of steps LESS in my morning routine. Makes it an easier routine when in a rush.

Click on the link below to see the full description of this product.




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