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Published work : on Elegant Wedding!

Check out the published article HERE

Super excited!

It has been awhile, with the pandemic and all, that I got my work published like this.

It all happened when one of my colleague-friend of mine reached out if I can help her out on a photoshoot with my hair services. She told me briefly what it was about and, since it was around my neck of the woods, I told her that I'd love to participate! She sent me images of the concept and from there I gathered some inspirational images for the hair. I knew about the dress (did you see how gorgeous it looks?) and the hair piece (OMG, to die for!!) and came up with this hairstyle.

I knew, right away, that the hair had to be loose with some vintage waves. The look went so well with this style of dress. Adding the twists on each side with the hairpiece was a no-brainer; and keeping it non symmetrical so that, from every angle, you can capture different looks.

Can I say the Bride-model, Camille, was a perfect fit for this concept!? I mean, look at her! She not only fit the concept, but she showcased every single piece so eloquently and gracefully.

This shoot day came and went. But every single thing were so well aligned. The photographer and her concept, the location, the jewelry, the decoration, the makeup artist, the dress, the models... I mean, I couldn't have asked for a better team to be a part of. I was so pleased with how it went, I am so grateful for my colleague-friend to have thought of me and to have included me in this wonderful project.

Few weeks after the shoot, when we received an email from the photographer, Melissa, that the work has been published, I was, to say the least, THRILLED! Super stoked! And when I saw the final images, I was like, "Heck yah! Of course! I mean look at these images! Who wouldn't want them to publish!"

Thank you to the amazing team! Amazing job everyone!

Check out the published article HERE

You will see all the talented people who made this concept

come to life at the bottom of this article




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