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So ... I did a thing!

Yah...I kinda did a thing, like make my own merch kinda thing! I was looking around for a hoodie or a sweatshirt with the title of my profession on it. Never found anything nice so, well, I thought I'll just make one! After playing around on Canva Pro and Procreate (with the help of my oldest who is an expert on Procreate), I was able to come up with a few designs.

Then from there, I thought, why not expand to "self-love" quotes. As many makeup and hair artists will tell you, our artistry is not the only thing we become good at. We become every client's therapist! Every application of lipstick comes with words of positive wisdom to help uplift the client. We've come accustomed to nourishing their spirit with positive affirmation. By all means, we are not a licensed therapist!

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