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Happy Brides, one after another (blessed!)

Am I lucky? To have such amazing Brides? Happy Brides? Sweet and lovely? All of my Brides so far are absolute gems. I love doing their Bridal Makeup and/or Hair; so rewarding ...

I think presenting yourself as professional as possible, eager to conquer THEIR day, is so important. Makes them feel important and special... I mean, duh, it's THEIR WEDDING DAY! Why wouldn't they feel any less? I just feel so honoured that they have chosen ME to be a part of their most eventful get-ready moment, it's THE first thing on their list to kick start the day. It's HUGE!

Here are some KEY POINTS I keep in mind for every single Bridal Contract. These are what I call a "setiquette".

Etiquette + On Set = Setiquette

It's what I earned early on when starting my career as a makeup artist on film sets 20+ years ago. My mentor has taught me this, and it stays with me every time. Very valuable key points that sets yourself apart from others when applied right.

Setiquette #1 - Punctuality is CRUCIAL


Which means, if your're late, THEY ARE LATE! They are late for their wedding, their photoshoot, their special event etc., wherever they need to be.

Regardless of how early I need to be at my clients, I am there, and I am there EARLIER!

Showing up is key. Showing up early is CRUCIAL, it sets the tone of your attitude, the timing, and the overall mood.

Simply put, why rush? Why go through all the emotions of rushing through to get to your sweating, heart beating fast, anxiety, stress? When all of this is avoidable by simply waking up earlier and leaving the house earlier.

I arrive so early that I stay in the car and wait. I honestly don't mind that at all. I get to chill, relax and go through the notes and the schedule for the Brides.

Setiquette #2 - Eat well & Hydrate well.

Taking good care of your well-being is important!

Regardless of how early it is in the morning, I make sure to eat! And eat well! I have my daily green juice full of vitamins. I have a plate full of eggs and toasts, or at times, more Japanese with rice and fermented soy beans (it's so delicious, I swear!)

When you deplete yourself from good vitamins, proteins, hydration, energy-filled source of food prior to a big day, you get weak. And when you're weak, you lose focus, you lose stability (and I need stability in my hands when doing eyeliners!), and worst of all, your stomach starts playing this nasty orchestra full of base and it's quite embarrassing!

Setiquette #3 - Less talk. Be ZEN.

Nothing worse than a chitty chatty artist who cannot stop chatting about useless things and STOPS their hands to speak while doing makeup!

Brides are already in numerous moods in the morning, wether that's excitement, anxiousness, nervousness, happiness, all kinds of emotional feelings, you should not add into the pot and start stirring things up with nonsense that has nothing to do with the client!

Instead, listen. Be attentive. Be present.

I'm not saying, "don't say a word!". What I am saying is, be extra careful and be attentive of your surrounding. Listen to the client and only give words that holds value that uplifts their mood, their being. Be positive minded and be kind. Set the mood with ZEN mindset.

You are who they see first thing in the morning. You are, in fact, in charge of setting the mood right off the bat. Be graceful.

Be present. Be attentive. Be kind. Simply LISTEN and converse positively and gracefully. You are in charge of their mood in the morning.

Setiquette #4 - Keep your eyes & ears open.

Woking on film sets has taught me to be very attentive as to what is going on in my surrounding.

Someone needs a q-tip? Here it is.

Set aside my kits so that it is not in anyone's way.

She seems hungry, let's get some food.

Make sure she's hydrating.

The room is getting crowded, let's close the door.

She's off to get dressed into the Bridal gown, she needs safety pins, I have one.

I'm about to leave, but wait, the veil is crooked.

Mother is crying, get Kleenex.

These are only handful of things that are going through my head!

Setiquette #5 - Smile.

Do not bring your issues and problems to work.

This goes along the line of Setiquette #3. It's simply how you present yourself. The client's should feel happy when they see you. They are not responsible of your wellbeing on their most special day.

If you re suffering from marital issues, problem with your kids, family, friends, whatever you may be going through, put it aside for now. Deal with it later. You need the time to step away from all those things anyways so that you can face them with a clearer mindset. We are all human and we all have issues. We, as an artist, are not immune to any of that. Life happens.

When you are working, however, you do have to gear up and be strong. Face every client with a big smile. They are not your therapists.

I know it can be hard... , but think of it this way. When you are working, you get to switch on the professional mindset and put everything else aside for the time being. And once you are off of work, you can actually face all of your issues with a different mindset. You got to reset the mood and your mind by working.


Being an artist is all I know.

I love what I do and I simply show it. Especially when facing clients in such close proximity, you feed them your energy (and vice-versa, of course). Making sure they are feeling good, in return, makes you feel good. When you smile, they smile. So it's a WIN-WIN.

Be the artist they want to naturally recommend to their peers. There's nothing more rewarding than client's spreading the word of my services. Greatest compliment ever.



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