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To read a book...has become such a challenge!

Who has time for this anymore?

Am I the only one struggling to squeeze in some time to pick up a book and read?

I didn't grow up a bookworm. I was an outdoor child, so climbing a tree and eating my jujubes up there while people watching from above was my thing. Running around, and playing soccer-baseball; went through boxes of Bandaids. I dreaded having to read a book for school...

And as I grew up, I started to really enjoy diving into the writers' creative mind; swimming through their imagination. I've actually started with Japanese mystery books, detective books solving cases. I needed to keep up with my Japanese and founds some old novel my parents had and went from there. I loved it! I've started to really enjoy reading!

From there, it went onto English novels. Cute ones like Shopaholic collections and such.

I can dive into a novel and lose track of time, never knowing when to stop and put the book down!

Ah, those were the good ol' days!

Now... life took over and well... finding that extra 30 minutes to pick up a book UNRELATED to side hustle, business or self-help books is so rare, doesn't come around often anymore.

People say, "just make time!"

That's what I'm trying to do.

But, when I do have that extra 30 minutes, I'm using it to do research for my business. It still becomes my "work" time and not "my" time, for myself.

Grinding! Hustling! That has become my priorities.

Well, this time, I've picked up a book! Finally!

I had some time to kill in between my clients and since I was in down town, close to a book store, I went to browse. I've saved Reese's book suggestions in my Instagram. Went through a few and found this one that "sparked joy".

I'm only just under 100 pages in; doing my very best to at least get in about 15 minutes to read that's UNRELATED to anything business.

Unwinding! And letting my imagination go woo hoo!




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