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Please follow these guidelines: things to do & things to avoid!



♥︎ What to expect immediately after the procedure:


  • A thin layer of coconut oil will be applied over the treated area immediately after the procedure in order to protect the newly opened layer of the epidermis from dust and bacteria getting into your skin.

  • Within a couple of hours, your skin will start its natural regeneration process.

  • Swelling is normal after the procedure. Should you feel some discomfort, simply apply an icepack over the treated area. (Please place the icepack inside a new ziplock bag to ensure there will be no risk of bacterial infection).

  • A tingling sensation, tightness of the skin and/or itchy sensation is normal.



♥︎ During the healing process (first 7 days)


  • 5 hours after the procedure, please wipe the treated area gently using a wet cotton pad. Do not over wipe. Do not press down too hard. It is normal to see some ink residue on the cotton pad. After this, simply apply a thin layer of coconut oil.

  • Eyebrows will appear sharp and darker, however, they will start to fade after this healing period.

  • Scabbing/crusting and/or flaking is normal as the skin starts its natural healing process.

  • Please avoid water from getting onto the treated area. When taking a shower, avoid direct contact with the shower head stream. When washing your face over the sink, avoid direct contact with water. When wet, simply dab off using a clean paper towel. (Recommended option: use makeup wipes.)

  • When washing your face, please refrain from applying your cleansing product directly over the treated area.

  • Apply a thin layer of coconut oil once or twice a day, and DO NOT over apply.

  • Please DO NOT apply Vaseline and petroleum jelly as this will block the pores preventing the skin to breath and go through its natural healing process.

  • Please DO NOT apply Polysporin and any other medical ointment.

  • Please avoid Retin A, AHA or any other skin peeling creams/lotions and anti-aging creams directly over the treated area as they will possibly distort the ink.

  • Please DO NOT touch, peel, rub, scratch or pick the scabs. Doing so will remove the ink creating bald spots in your newly reconstructed eyebrows.

  • If you feel dust or discomfort on the treated area, simply wipe gently using a wet cotton pad.

  • Do not apply any skincare directly over the treated area.

  • Please try to avoid direct sunlight during this period.

  • Please avoid tanning beds, excessive sweating and makeup on the treated area.

  • Keep your hands away from your face as much as possible as this may cause infection.




♥︎ After the healing period – Day 8 to 30


  • After the healing process, the scabs will start to fall off. The colour of your eyebrows will also start to fade. This is normal! The colour will resurface.

  • Please keep in mind that the overall result will depend on your skin's regeneration, age, immune system, lifestyle and your attention to proper aftercare procedures.

  • During this time, you can proceed with your shower routine.

  • You can apply sunscreen to protect the area from the UV.




♥︎ One-Month Touch Up (one month after the healing period) – Day 31 to 40


  • Please schedule your One-Month Touch Up when ready. During your touch-up, faded strokes and colour will be reinforced, creating the final look of your eyebrows!

  • *** You must proceed with the same after-care for the next 7 days***



♥︎ What's next?


Simply enjoy your new eyebrows!


We will see each other again at your annual touch up in order to help your eyebrows last longer. In the meantime, to help maintain your eyebrows, keep protecting them from the sun with sunscreen and avoid any exfoliation just on and around the eyebrow area. 


If no touch up is made, your eyebrows will gradually fade out.


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